Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision of the Québec Golf Federation
To be the leader and reference for the practice of golf in Québec.
Slogan: Initiate passions, build dreams
Mission of the Québec Golf Federation
To increase participation, develop excellence, promote and govern the game of golf.
  1. Financing the Federation.
  2. Communication and promotion of golf.
  3. Increase golf participation.
  4. Training of personnel (volunteers, coaches, referees, and course raters).
  5. Relationship building with industry partners (golf clubs and associations).
  1. Increase and diversify revenue sources.
  2. Communicate with more golfers (member and public golfers).
  3. Develop business partnerships.
  4. Develop golf participation of beginner and occasional golfers.
  5. Increase the number of athletic development structures.
  6. Promote club participation in existing initiatives, programs, and activities.
  7. Build corporate image and trust in the Québec Golf Federation.
  8. Deliver industry projects in collaboration with other associations.
  9. Link the Golf Québec and Golf Canada strategic plans.

Values of the Québec Golf Federation
Passion: Intense and deep emotion that implies the energetic and unflagging pursuit of one’s desire. For Golf Québec, passion is the combination of the desire and pleasure found in efforts that are made to promote and develop golf as the sport of a lifetime.
Synergy: Phenomenon in which the total effect resulting from the interaction of a group of people working together will be significantly greater than the sum of their individual effects. Golf Québec strives to work with all its partners, including golf clubs, regional associations, leading organizations of the golf industry, business partners as well as Golf Canada in order to facilitate the growth of participation in the game of golf.
Accessibility: Quality of something that is made accessible to all, regardless of the situation. Golf Québec aspires to facilitate access to programs and services rendered to a continuously increasing number of golfers.
Transparency and integrity: Qualities of a person or corporation that is providing complete accessibility to information and do not let themselves be influenced by any vice. The notion of integrity includes the concept of honesty, respect, justice, openness, and fairness. Golf Québec is dedicated to maintaining high integrity and transparent relations with all golfers, golf clubs, and partners.

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