Golf Canada has recently released guidelines for how modifications to the course and the Rules of Golf will impact acceptability of scores for handicapping, and how scores should be posted. Rounds played in accordance with the guidelines are considered acceptable scores and should be posted to your golfer’s scoring records. Please consult the COVID-19 Rules of Golf & Rules of Handicapping Guidance document.

As always, please remember to listen to the guidance provided by your local health officials.

World Handicap System (WHS) 
The World Handicap System is now in effect. In the spring, to inform the golf community, we will offer online seminar including a certification as well as a video to member clubs for the general public.

Handicap seminar

It will be an online detailed presentation by modules on the rules of handicap to allow Club Representatives and any interested person to improve their knowledge of the World Handicap System.

For more information, please visit  the links below or send an email to our handicap committee at handicap@golfquebec.org:

Handicap Links

Golf Canada app
Handicap Certification program online

The user can complete the videos at their convenience and the total run time of the three videos is approximately 75 minutes. The videos can be accessed at the following link:


The user can access the online certification test at the end of the recorded seminar, or through the link below. If you are member of your club handicap committee or are the handicap representative of your club the certification is mandatory. 

If you are a golfer and want to know more you may or not complete the certification.

The books are available on Golf Canada online boutique.

Handicap Committee Guide USGA (PDF)
Rules of Handicapping Golf Canada (PDF) 

For more information on how your handicap will be calculated, the new standards, and answers to the most frequest questions, visit the Golf Canada Handicapping and Rules and Rants web page.
Golf Québec is committed to respecting the Privacy and Access to Information Policy. As such, you will like to know that the personal information collected as part of the membership and handicap management is hosted on GolfNet servers located at Clifton Park, NY, USA.