Rules Education

In addition to publishing the Rules of Golf, Golf Canada is committed to train and educate all golfers that could ultimately lead to national certification as a Referee.

New for 2019, Golf Canada will be adopting the R&A’s Rules Education system. One of the main objectives of the Rules Modernization Initiative was to create consistency around the world in many facets of the Rules of Golf, including educating and training referees. The exams that Golf Canada will use and the designation by marks achieved will be consistent throughout the countries allied to the R&A, such as Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. 

Level 1
This level is only accessible online. For the French seminar, click here, for the English seminar, click here.

Level 1 provides an interesting and easy way to learn the basics of the Rules of Golf. This level will focus on Etiquette, the principle definitions and commonly encountered situations on the course. As part of the Level 1 program, students will be able to test their knowledge by taking the review questions at the end of each section before attempting the online Level 1 Exam.

Provincial Level
The final exam for this level can be given by Golf Québec but the education webinars are provided by Golf Ontario. Golf Québec only offers French webinars.
There are a few options to complete the level 2 certification in English:
1) You can register with Golf Ontario and select the webinars only option to complete the exam in one of the Golf Québec exam locations (in this case, the exam would be provided in English). To gain access to the Golf Ontario webinars, click here will also need to contact Diane Bruneau at if you wish to complete your exam at a Golf Québec location.
2) You can register with Golf Ontario and select the webinars & workshop option to complete all of the certification requirements via Golf Ontario. Once your seminar is completed and that you have written your exam, please inform Diane Bruneau at that you have completed your exam.
Level 2 (provincial certification) seminars will be conducted by provincial golf associations, and the curriculum will begin to look at the more important playing Rules in detail. Level 2 (provincial) will be designed for individuals with an involvement in tournament administration or a desire to have such an involvement.
You will receive the Full Rules of Golf version after you complete your registration for the Level 2 Seminar.
National Level

Each seminar will be delivered over a period of six (6) weeks and will have a total of one (1) session per week and the exam will be after the six sessions. All the sessions (excluding the examination) will be a maximum of two (2) hours.


Provincial level certification (written and practical components completed)

Requirements to be Nationally Certified:

Attend and achieve a minimum of 80% on the National level exam, administered by Golf Canada.

Complete 100 hours of on-course experience as a Referee, including 10 of those hours accompanying a current Nationally certified Referee.

For more detail, please click here:


Rules of Golf

Rules Seminars
If you are registered or want to register for the Level 1, 2 or 3 of the Rules of Golf, make sure to read our Expenses policy for rules training (new version to come shortly) to better understand how Golf Québec can help you through this process.
Level 1
Level 2
  • Register (the English webinars are provided by Golf Ontario)
Level 3

Information regarding Amateur Status and for the Reinstatement for Amateur Status